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About us


I’ll let you into a secret. I adore home fragrance. I absolutely love it. When I realised I could make it myself it revolutionised my life. I thrive on sourcing new fragrances, designing new products and of course all of the products are tested too to make sure you are getting a great end result that I would want to use myself.

The brand I originally wished to create was one of simplicity and elegance and I always aim to maintain that with all of the Brown and Co. products. The wax is not coloured. None of the products are tested on animals. The aim is for the cleanest purest end result.

Getting to this stage hasn’t been easy and whilst raising two young children at the same time development has sometimes been a little slower than I would have liked but through constant testing and constant progression Brown and Co.’s product range continues to increase and the company continues to expand. I’m delighted you can join me for the journey. May your home always smell beautiful and your face always hold a smile! 

Much love,

Holly x