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Luxury home fragrance

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Care and advice

Always ensure that wax melters and candles are used in a well ventilated environment. Keep out of reach of children and pets and never leave unattended.

Candle wicks should always be trimmed before each use to between 5mm and 1cm. They should be used away from draughts and not too close to each other or to flammable materials. 

We like to leave wax to cure- it binds more significantly to the fragrance oil with time and as such we like to leave a ‘curing period’ (a minimum of two weeks) before use. You are welcome of course to use beforehand, however if you do receive a product which has a future date on it, please be aware that it may give a better scent throw if you leave it for the suggested curing period.

Once you have finished a wax melt (it gives out no further fragrance) you can tip out molten wax (or soak it up) and wipe round with a paper towel as soon as you have switched off your unit/removed your candle. 

Our products are all lovingly handmade so size and colour may differ slightly. The amount of love that goes into them does not! Our products are measured by weight and as all fragrance oils are different, the same weight may be a greater or lesser volume so candles may be of slightly different fill levels.

Our products are CLP (classification, labelling and packaging European regulation) compliant and we are insured.

We will endeavour to accommodate requests for both fragrances and style of wax warmers- please contact with any queries.